Friday, August 3, 2007

Portrait of Andre Breton with spectacles, 1924
(Author unknown)

All the Schoolgirls Together

Often you say making a mark in the earth with your heel as

          the wild rose blooms in a bush

Wild one seemingly made only of dew

You say The whole sea and the whole sky for a single

Victory of childhood in the country of dance or better for a

Embrace in a train corridor
Going to the devil with rifle shots on a bridge or better
Yet for a single timorous word
Such as must be said while gazing at you
By a blood-stained man whose name goes far from tree to
Who keeps going in and out among a hundred birds of snow
Where then is it nice
And when you say it the whole sea and the whole sky
Scatter like a cloud of little girls in the yard of a strict
          boarding school
After a dictation in which The heart takes
Was perhaps written The heart aches

-Andre Breton

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