Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nuit au Chalet, 1935
Willy Ronis


Hannah said...

I have decided to create a blog called "Her Dreams Had A Lot of Sails in Them" and post pictures of cruise ships, which, granted, don't have any sails on them, but which are having difficulty fitting through the Panama Canal, as I learned in Spanish 3 today,which I told you I have from 9:45 until 11:45, when we were speaking on MSN, the instant messenger which is much classier than AIM, but which lacks the array of smileys that other programs contain, which I am sure you are aware of.

Hannah said...

Which, by the way, is free. And I'll buy you a sandwich from now on whenever I end another sentence with a preposition, which are words which are like: in,on,at,of, etc. Etc., which is not a preposition, but actually a sign of long-windedness, is a fine way to end, which I think I'll do now.

carol said...

*prepares to eat a shipload of sandwiches* ;)

please visit again!

Hannah said...

Haha! Punny.
I'll be back next year.