Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Dream I See Your Image

I dream I see your image indefinitely imposed upon itself
You are seated on the high coral stool
Before your mirror still in its first quarter
Two fingers on the water wing of your comb
And at the same time
You are returning from a trip lingering last in the grotto
Streaming with sparks
You do not know me
You are lying on the bed you wake where you fall asleep
You wake where you fell asleep or elsewhere
You are naked the elderberry still bounces
A thousand elderberries buzz above you
So light that every moment
Unbeknownst to you
Your breath your blood saved from the air's mad juggling
You cross the street the cars that rush at you turn to a shadow
And the same
Caught in the bellows of spangles
You are skipping rope
Until atop the unseen stairs appears
The sole green butterfly that haunts the Asian peaks
I caress all that you were
In all that you still will be
I hear your countless arms
Whistling tunefully
Snake unique in all the trees
In your arms turns the crystal of the rose of winds
My living fountain of Shiva

Andre Breton
(Translated by Mary Ann Caws)


notsoyellow said...

I just wanted to tell you how awesome your blog is:) chapeau bas and greets!

carol said...

hello! and thanks. :)