Friday, July 17, 2009

After Sunset, 1892
Thomas Wilmer Dewing


Thomas said...

Dear Carol,

For more than a year I have been stopping by this wonderful blog about once a month and it is always a calm, contemplative breath of fresh air. Even though I know of many of the photographers and artists, there are so many superb images I wasn't familiar with before seeing them here. And then there will be a Harry Callahan or Imogen Cunningham image I do know but you have put it in context with other images and/or poems in such a way that it blows open an entirely new window on it. Your remarkably deft curatorial skills continually amaze and delight.

This little respite of quiet, thoughtful beauty is an unexpected treasure on the web.

Thank you. Thank you.

Wishing you all the best,


carol said...

dear thomas,

your lovely comment made me smile.

my blog = my meandering mind and my wish to post images/poems/films/books that move me and that i want to remember. it's truly nice to know that, every so often, someone else looks in and maybe feels something similar.

thank you,